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Maldives has 1198 islands, only very few having a surf break right in front of the island.
Himmafushi has Jails just a paddle away.

Himmafushi, Located 17 km north of the capital Male the tranfer by ferry takes around 45 min is a typical fishing island with about 750 inhabitants, sandy roads and palm trees. You can walk around the island in approx. 40min and watch the locals going after their daily routine.

Rather than staying in isolated and sterile resorts you can find pure nature and interact with local families and experience the fascinating culture of the Maldives and the warm hospitality of the Maldivians. The Maldives as they truly are.

This rare opportunity to discover the real Maldives and local life while surfing world class waves is one of a kind. And finally this is what surfing is about. Not only surfing empty brakes and enjoying warm waters but also learning about new cultures and people.

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